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“With an intelligent and well-constructed narrative, The Search For Intelligent Life has a peculiar structure, since it consists of several short stories set in different environments and times, but become a solid set to analyze the book’s outcome, amazing and suitable to the work questions. “ – Victória, Finding Neverland


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“Exceptionally creative work within a context in which much has been said but, as many like to think, still has a lot to say.” – Daniel Rockenbach, Sentinela Positrônica




“It seems that reading does not end on the last page, a new reflection arises every new experience we live and the words take on other meanings.” – Deeb Cabral, Gato Que Flutua




“In the very first chapter I have noticed the similarities, which will cause any Douglas Adams fan fall in love with this book.” – Mayara, Obrigado Pelos Peixes



“The Search For Intelligent Life is a book that combines harmoniously a questioning style reminiscent of Professor Asimov, with the intelligent humor of Douglas Adams, becoming a pearl of the national science fiction.” – Murilo Burns, Nerdbucks


“Intrinsically, the book uses technology and an alternative reality to discuss true existentialist and relationship issues, or the lack of them, in a future perhaps not-so-distant.” – Ana Padilha, Blog Diálogos




“I recommend it to those who are interested in science fiction, and especially to lay readers to the genre, who as I appreciate a good story.” – Adriana Satico