feijoada of bacalhau

Unlike a travel guide that points out the best hotels and restaurants, Feijoada of Bacalhau is a personal report of the experience of living in another country, approaching culture and day to day in relaxed reflections. A book to know or remember Portugal, and also to laugh a little.


A lot about Portugal and a little about Brazil in a humorous report. Discover the experience of living five months in Braga, passing by the capital and the smallest cities, either by bus, bicycle or even on foot.

Get to know Galicia and the Camino de Santiago, have fun and reflect on this region and its contrasts with Brazil. In addition to the wines and pastries, modest adventures and great rewards, which convey a little of the experience of breaking Portugal.

Reviews and comments

“The author draws fascinating and vivid comparisons between Portugal and Brazil…” – Ingrid, Second-Half Travels

What Brazilian blogs are saying about Feijoada of Bacalhau?

“…a great read for those who are thinking of living outside Brazil, for a little or a long time, whether for Portugal or elsewhere…” – Bruna, Expressinha

… the new work of this national author subverts even the genre in which it is inserted and tells us about the perrengues and learning of the traveler in a very amusing way.” – Debb Cabral, Gato Que Flutua

A sincere and relaxed travel report of a writer who managed to describe in curious details a 5-month routine in Braga entitled to walks in the neighboring cities by bus, bicycle and even walking.” – Daniel Rockenback, Sentinela Positrônica

‘Feijoada of Bacalhau’ is a full dish, with a fun and very informative language, full of details and research on history and culture.” – Lindsey, Skoob

“A fun story about life in Portugal, full of small chronicles of everyday life and important reflections on the most diverse things …” – Adriana, Skoob