Victor Allenspach had a blog, wrote fanfics and worked on more jobs than would make sense to mention here. Graduated in Economic History, he alredy wanted to be a teacher, a diplomat and pilot. However, the rebellion without a cause of an anarchist pastafarian did not allow most of them to be possible, or even good ideas.

In common throughout many years of indecision, he wrote. Author of dozens of unprintable books and hundreds of shamefull chronics, he discovered himself in Science Fiction. An unpopular genre in Brazil, but responsible for years of the author’s fascination, leaning on Arthur Clarke texts to George Lucas films. Thus, it was natural to find themes and build characters that would give rise to his first book, The Search for Intelligent Life.

A nonsense book, which discusses the reality and plays with existence as Douglas Adams taught to do. However, without leaving aside the criticism and debate on the current society, gently distributed in acidic satires or infamous jokes.

Self-publishing is a fantastic tool for authors of niches like Science Fiction, which rarely fall in the taste of national publishers. Through it, Victor hopes to bring the genre beyond the hidden shelves of bookstores, and with its relaxed language, reach audiences that are not familiar with the genre.

All this, of course, before the system shuts down.