I hated books until I decided to write one, at age 15. I do not remember well what it was, but it had about 40 pages, which were lost in some HD. Time did its work and took care of censuring them, for the sake of accidental readers.

Lots of RPGs, unpublished books and short stories followed, until I started writing blogs and fanfics, at a time when people were still reading on the internet.

I worked on more things than I wanted to remember, but in common with all of them, I wrote. It was 15 years of stubbornness, until I found out in Science Fiction, publishing my first book in 2015.

The Intelligent Life Quest is a nonsense book that discusses reality and plays with the universe, bringing debates gently distributed in acid satires and infamous jokes.

Self-publishing is a fantastic tool for niche authors, which rarely fall into the taste of Brazilian publishers. Through it, I discover my readers and what elseĀ I have to tell.

This, of course, before the system shutdown.