IMG_8995-1“His book allows what only good readings can do: transport the reader away and explore new frontiers, whether from the imagination or the galaxy” – Blog Diálogos

A wise man once said that the universe is a strange place. Stranger still is the fact that so few are aware of it.

The Search For Intelligent Life is a book that talks about the universe and the expectations we have of it. Written for all those who at some point were fascinated with alien invasions, robotics laws, electric sheep, intergalactic backpackers, or monumental cruisers.



A message appears before all beings in the universe without any reason, explanation or sense of the creator. The end of time is announced, and there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. But in a strange way, everything is connected to Boris.

Boris was not born. He wasn’t either created nor educated. Like many others, he was only produced and programmed. Nothing that bothers him in particular, but he is always on the risk of being recycled. An ordinary risk in a reality where the most old-fashioned coffee machine is able to calculate the gravitational interactions of a photon through the solar system.

From shill to protagonist, centuries go by waiting for an opportunity. In the search for freedom, Boris doesn’t even imagine that he already reached it a long time ago, but chose a life full of limits and some meaning.